Freestyle ski advice

Jandirk_123454 januari 2020 · 16:34

Dear all,

I have been skiing in Austria every year since the age of 4. Now that I turn 21 I am looking to step up my game a little and try some new stuff. So I have been looking to start with freestyle skiing. I have also decided to buy my own equipment since renting isn't necessary anymore due to no further growth.

I am 185cm (6 feet and 0.8346 inches) tall, I weigh ± 78kg.

I am looking for a proper beginner freestyle ski which I can learn tricks and make some progress with. What should I be looking for in a ski? And do I need poles? I know good boots should probably be spent the most on (should I getting more flexible ones though, with dampening in the sole?)

I look forward for you guys' advice.

Kind regards,


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